Nearly-Flush and Nearly Coplanar

  • Hardware is carefully selected to eliminate exposed bolts or sharp edges on top of any SkyDeck™ system
  • The difference in height between the woven wire and framing never exceeds 3/16", minimizing any tripping hazards
Comparison between traditional and SkyDeck tension wire grid

On the left is a traditional channel wire grid.

One the right is a typical SkyDeck™ panel.

Panels can be placed at varying elevations

Multiple sizes and shapes are available

Hinged panels with gas assisted openers are available

Custom colors are available

Designed for any area where light, sound, rigging or air flow transparency is desired

Various sizes of SkyDeck panels stacked on top of each other  Panels are two elevations

Hybrid Structural Framing
  • Maximum 2" profile in height and width
  • Member sizes interact to form a lightweight, high strength frame work
  • Allows for more lighting positions & angles
View of SkyDeck tension wire gird from above

SkyDeck™ components are pre-fabricated for fast, safe and efficient installations, reducing costly on-site time

No on-site weaving or tensioning required

Wires are guided and supported within the frame so only a horizontal force is ever applied to the end fittings

Unique design eliminates the wire to have any point of contact with a sharp edge

Every hole that a wire penetrates is machined or beveled to maximize it's protection

Fittings are not exposed to the walking surface compared to standard threaded studs, which can get stepped on, leading to bending and breaking of wire

End fittings don't require re-tensioning, unlike other grids that use threaded swagged studs

SkyDeck Tension Wire Grid End Fittings on a panel

Wires are protected in SkyDeck


In traditional wire grids, wires are exposed to forces that cause breakage

Traditional wire grid with a bent end fitting    Traditional wire grid with a broken end fitting

Every woven wire is proof tested in our facility

Every panel is inspected prior to shipment

All components are fully documented and traceable

Every panel gets a metal tag with project number and serial ID

All our various panel styles have undergone cycle testing

Testing of SkyDeck panel with a heavy weight  1,000 lb load test of a panel