• SkyDeck above the stage at Frist Christian Church, Canton OH
  • SkyDeck tension wire grid at First Christian Church
  • Catwalks connected to SkyDeck tension wire grid
  • Rigging platform off of the catwalks
Canton, OH
Completed Date: 
September, 2006
Project Type: 
New Construction
Front of House
GC / Construction Manager: 
Lemmon & Lemmon

FCC of Canton, Ohio opened its doors to their new worship facility on January 14th 2007. The new facility included a state of the art 2500 seat sanctuary and concert room built for modern worship and concert production.  The goals of Adam Bien, FCC Technical Director at the time, included being able to turn the facility around in less than one hour between services and events for all staging, lighting, video and sound production. This meant that the crew had to work quickly and safely to refocus lights, change draperies, move set pieces and video screens. 95% of the technical crew that supported productions consisted of volunteers. Safety played a major roll for defining the technical requirements for the facility. IAStage was contacted by Bill Platt from Platt Design Group to assist in coming up with a solution. IAstage suggested a 2000 sq ft SkyDeck™ tension wire grid above the stage/platform, which would allow volunteers to safely adjust all the lights, draperies, truss motors and main speakers. It also provided storage for additional cable and lighting instruments that were not being used. SkyDeck™ tension wire grid eliminated the need for ladders and man lifts, which allowed rehearsals or service set ups to go on without interruption on stage. In addition, to SkyDeck, 200’ of catwalk along with multiple 1000 lb load rigging points over the house and congregational seating areas were also included for special event productions. Three follow spot positions are part of the front catwalks.


"From my personal experience on this project, Mark and all the crew from InterAmerica Stage were indispensable and great to work with."

                                                                                                                         - Bill Platt, Platt Design Group