SETC (South Eastern Theatre Conference) is always a lot of fun. It brings together regional theatres, companies, and theatre programs in the same place to talk shop. From getting to meet high schoolers interested in pursuing theatre professionally, to college students ready to leap into the industry, it is fantastic to spend the weekend together.

Mississippi University Students On SkyDeck

IASI team members Drew and Chad talked SkyDeck™ with the students at the conference in Lexington, KY. Also, they attended the evening Tech Mixer held for the students and industry professionals, co-sponsored by InterAmerica Stage Inc, Robe Lighting, 4Wall Entertainment Lighting, and Barbizon Lighting Company.

InterAmerica Stage, Inc. also sponsors raffle prizes handed out during the SETC event. We congratulate 2017 winners Mike Russel and Kehle Hatch. Russel won a beautiful tactical flashlight while Hatch won the ever handy multitool.