Congratulations, Alexis Bond! Alexis won the GoPro raffle prize donated by InterAmerica Stage, Inc. for USITT's 2017 Behind The Scenes event!

An event we proudly sponsor every year, the Behind The Scenes raffle tickets raise money for charity. Last year's ticket sales raised over $15,000. The proceeds assist entertainment technology industry professionals or their immediate family members who are ill or injured.

Recipients' grants are custom tailored for each individual to help cover the costs of living, medical expenses, transportation, and funeral expenses. There is also a new fund which helps provide early access to mental health and addiction counseling.

Photo Features Behind The Scene's Winner, Alexis Bond, and InterAmerica Stage, Inc. Sales Manager, Jeff Craycraft.

Jeff recited, "I was very excited to see that [Alexis] won. Believe it or not, I had met her the hour before working at the USITT help desk." Jeff had needed help locating a different event at the conference, and she assisted him.

"She was so spirited and lively. Alexis was such a great help to me, and then they called her name. She was still working the help desk at the time, and I never expected it to be her, but I was thrilled it was."

Alexis was equally thrilled. She thanked Jeff and IAStage several times for the GoPro.

"I really would like to tell her thank you again for all the help and wish her the best of luck in her theatrical career."