Jack Hoffend is heading to Suffolk, VA, to support Combat Wounded Coation's signature event, Jumping for a Purpose X. This will be the third jump event that Jack has attended as a volunteer.

Combat Wounded Coalition Jumping for a Purpose x
"I go because these guys were injured serving our country. This is an opportunity to serve them, to thank them," Jack says. "I'm there to do whatever needs to be done to help make each event a fantastic experience for the warriors. I get to hear their stories, meet family members... It's fulfilling and it's humbling." Jack has jumped in the same stick with each of the warriors InterAmerica has sponsored.

The Combat Wounded Coalition provides program services to combat wounded warriors who have received the Purple Heart, veterans injured in the line of duty while training for combat operations and warriors diagnosed with PTSD and TBI directly linked back to combat operations.

Jack and Alex Lauser at Jumping for a Purpose IX.
Jack Hoffend and Alex Lauser

Jack and Bradley Hanawalt at Jumping for a Purpose VIII.
Jack Hoffend and Bradley Hanawalt.