The Faena Forum on Miami Beach is part of the $1 billion development project for the Miami Beach Faena District. The District includes restoration of the 1948 Saxony Hotel, now known as the Faena Hotel Miami Beach, the Faena Forum, and The Faena House. Once completed, the district will stretch across six blocks.

Known for its unusual format and design, the Faena Forum will be a multidisciplinary center housing art, dance, theatre, lectures, and other cultural events. The 50,000 sq ft institution is divided into two distinct shapes – a cylinder and a cube. The cylinder rises 40 feet and is topped with a dome which swirls to a single oculus window and is reminiscent of the swirl of a seashell.

InterAmerica Stage, Inc. has begun installing the SkyDeck™ system inside of the Faena Forum. Once complete, it will extend over 2,434 square feet. The SkyDeck will extend over the entire ‘Event Space B’. This space is composed of the cube portion of the building.

In addition, InterAmerica Stage, Inc. is installing several custom curtains and chain tracks throughout the building. Watch for our follow-up blog discussing the details.