As part of a $73 million voter approved bond, The Lansing School District recently completed construction on the new Lansing High School. McPherson Contractors built the 220,000 square foot building on a 154-acre site nestled into the hills of Kansas. It was designed by Hollis + Miller Architects with Peerbolte Creative, LLC serving as the consultant. Features of the new school includes a technology package in which every student now receives an IPAD to remove the need of having lockers. The campus also takes on a more college like approach by providing additional open space to encourage different learning environments, and updated amenities for extra-curricular activities which include tennis courts, a swimming pool, a practice baseball field, and a new performing arts center.

As part of the new initiative to provide more advanced technology and higher level educational environments, InterAmerica Stage, Inc. installed two SkyDeck™ systems totaling 2,462 square feet in their new 450 seat auditorium. The first SkyDeck™ system extends over the stage totaling 1,436 square feet. It then connects overtop the proscenium wall to the second SkyDeck™ which covers the Front of House and totals 1,026 square feet. To create the coverage for this space, InterAmerica Stage, Inc. designed several custom shaped panels. This innovative design and technology mirrors Lansing High School’s innovative approach to education.

SkyDeck at Lansing High