Maui, Hawaii. Sept.23, 2012

As Seabury Hall's creative arts center nears completion, much excitement is in the air for its anticipated opening. Some alumni students are coming to participate in the opening Gala on Sep. 28th and 29th, which will feature current students, former students and faculty. Seabury Hall has been waiting for a new state-of-the-art facility for years. Everyone from the school is very excited for the bright future of the school's performing arts program.

SkyDeck tension wire grid at Seabury Hall

IAstage completed its installation of SkyDeck, the tension wire grid system, at the beginning of August. "We are thrilled to once again see how much our grid system will benefit the students and faculty at Seabury" says Solana Bolton PM at IAStage. This SkyDeck covers approximately 4,000 square feet and offers a safer alternative to the traditional use of scaffolding or narrow catwalks to access lighting equipment.

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