At the beginning of the year, IAstage completed another SkyDeck™ tension wire grid installation, at Four-Oaks Community Church in Tallahassee, FL.

In 2007, the church bought a 60,000-square-foot retail strip mall and converted the former Food Lion (29,000 square feet) and adjacent Dollar General (9,000 square feet) into their current facilities. The rest of the space is rented out to local tenants.

Last summer, IAstage was contacted by Les Stephenson, President of Music Masters and a member of the Four-Oaks Community Church, to help solve lighting issues Tension_Wire_Grid_Four_Oaks_Church03.jpg that were presented by the building's tall ceilings. Originally, light duty truss was considered as a solution, however, this created a major issue with accessibility for volunteers. SkyDeck™ tension wire grid panels offered the best solution. SkyDeck™ tension wire grid systems are lightweight, transparent to sound and light and in this case gave the staff and volunteers safe working access.





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