On July 1st, a new SkyDeck™ system began its trek to Clarksville, IN. It will be part of the new auditorium for Clarksville High School, and it will also benefit the local middle and elementary schools that use the space.

Loaded Semi Headed to Clarksville

Kim Knott, superintendent, attributes Dan Bullington, theatre director, for building Clarksville High's theatre program. She stated, “It’s important that we ensure all of our teachers have appropriate facilities to provide instruction and education for our students, even more so when they’re starting to draw the kinds of numbers that he is for his classes."

Scheduled for completion in August or September of this year, the auditorium features approximately 1,500 sqft of grid configured as a front of house lighting and sound access platform, which is connected to the back of house via almost 60' of catwalk.