Back in 2016, install completed on the SkyDeck™ system designed and installed by IASI for Utah State University’s Caine College of the Arts’ concert hall. The system extended over the entire FOH and sized at over 2000 square-feet. With the grand opening, USU unveiled their renaming of the concert hall from Kent Concert Hall to the Newel + Jean Daines Concert Hall.

USU SkyDeck

The fabulous facility was designed by architects...
January 2018
The Fabulous FormCongratulations!size>
Here's to another fabulous fifty years!size>
Click on the image to see what it looks like rigging a concert from the Forum's giant SkyDeck™.
Learn more about the storied venue. It's a good read.
December 2017
The Regent Street Black Box Theater
This little gem of a space is the Regent Street Black Box Theater, which is part of the The George S. and Dolores Dorè Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City, UT. Pop over to Layton Construction for a nice write up with cool photos.
The SkyDeck™ in the photo measures over 2,000 square feet. It's comprised of 36...
December 2017


September 2012