With all the goings on over here at IAStage - NAB, ABX, and LDI - we missed an opportunity to congratulate the Institute of American Indian Arts' on the opening of their new performing arts and fitness center.
Dyron Murphy Architects rendering of the exterior.

Talk about a multi-purpose space. The new facility, located in Santa Fe, NM, has indoor and outdoor common...
November 2017
Everybody is familiar with the metaphor of "thinking outside the box" as a way to spark creativity and generate new ideas. That type of thinking goes on inside theaters and rehearsal spaces all over the world. Quite literally in those intimate spaces known as black box theaters. Just like the newly operational black box theater that's part of Northwestern University's new building in Qatar's Education City.

The new space was outfitted with a full-coverage SkyDeck™ tension wire grid that comes in over 3,200 square feet. The photo below shows the space with work lights on....
November 2017
Mark will be in Booth #187. Stop by and see him!
Step up onto the SkyDeck™ display panel to feel what it's like to walk
on a grid with SkyDots™ attached. Take a walk on the wire side!
November 8 - 10, Boston Convention and Events Center
Remember, there's still time to get a FREE GUEST PASS!...
November 2017


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