Sanford, FL, 12/19/16 – The gritty city of Detroit is known for many things. It’s the Motor City, the Arsenal of Democracy, and the birthplace of Motown. It’s home to four major sports franchises: the Tigers (MLB), the Lions (NFL), the Pistons (NBA), and the Red Wings (NHL). It’s the fourth largest city in the Midwest and now, it’s home to the largest SkyDeck™ tension wire grid in the world.

SkyDeck in Little Caesars Arena
A tension wire grid is a...
April 2017
SkyDeck on a semi.
Berry College’s new SkyDeck™ left Sanford and headed to Georgia on March 30. A little birdie tells me that the installation wrapped up today.

Known as one of Georgia’s most beautiful campuses, Berry College is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Mount Berry, GA. Founded in 1902, the 27,000 acre campus is one of the largest in the world.

In 2015, Berry College announced a 6.7-million-dollar expansion for...
April 2017
SkyDot LogoInterAmerica Stage, Inc. and CarlStahl® Architektur have combined two successful products – IAStage’s SkyDeck™ and CarlStahl®’s X-LED light module system - to create SkyDots™.

Two products, already tried and true, combined to make something even better!
For today’s spectators, it’s all about the experience: comfy seats; surround sound; sharp lighting and dynamic...
April 2017


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