• SkyDeck catwalk alternative at four oaks
  • SkyDeck at Four Oaks top view
  • Focusing lights on SkyDeck at Four Oaks
  • Person standing on SkyDeck at Four Oaks
Tallahassee, FL
Completed Date: 
July, 2010
Project Type: 
New Constrution
Catwalk Alternative

Four Oaks CC was going through refurbishing its new home base in Tallahassee, FL. When Music Masters presented a truss configuration for the lighting and sound equipment, InterAmerica Stage, Inc. suggested installing a SkyDeck™ tension wire grid instead. The building that was being refurbished for the church had a steep vaulted ceiling and the altar extended beneath the proposed truss. Access to lighting equipment on the truss system would have been difficult and unsafe. SkyDeck™ provided a similar foot print to the original design while offering a much safer option for overhead access.

Four Oaks CC wanted an open design for their SkyDeck™.  Subsequently, IAStage proposed a catwalk like configuration. The roof structure was not designed to support excessive amounts of weight, so SkyDeck’s lightweight configuration played a key role in providing safer access without the traditional weight of a catwalk. Four rows of 3 feet by 42 feet runways connected by two 7 feet by 42 feet runways were installed above the altar and congregation. The height from the top of the SkyDeck™ to the vaulted ceiling changed from about 21 feet to 9 feet. SkyDeck™ hangers can be configured for any height requirements so the height difference did not cause a problem.

SkyDeck™ offers ease of use and the ability for anyone to access the overhead lighting and sound equipment. Since no special training was needed, any church member had the ability to volunteer to help out. High-reach equipment which would have been required to access the truss system was no longer needed.