Posted: Thursday July 20, 2017

The SkyDeck™ installation is complete at the Camp Merrie-Woode’s meeting and performance hall “The Castle”.

Camp Merrie Woode Exterior of the Caste le

The design and planning of The Castle began in April of 2014. As of June 27, 2017, the building was able to do a soft opening and begin use of the space. However, more features are still being added to the building. For example, the SkyDeck™ system housed over the stage area completed installation after the opening. The system covers 800 square feet over 25 panels.

SkyDeck tension wire grid at Camp Merrie Woode   SkyDeck tension wire grid from backstage at Camp Merrie Woode   SkyDeck tension wire grid front of house at Camp Merrie Woode

With the addition of SkyDeck™, camp counselors will be able to set lighting and rigging for the camp productions quicker and more safely. It will also allow for the drama program to expand by offering instruction and education in theatre tech side by side with the girls.

We are very excited for Camp Merrie-Woode and can’t wait to see what amazing things they will do with their new space.

The non-profit residential camp was formed in Sapphire, North Carolina in 1919. It is recognized as a site of historical and architectural significance and has been preserved in its original Adirondack style. Check out their website here.

Photos courtesy of Camp Merrie-Woode
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