Posted: Tuesday January 3, 2017

Say that ten times fast! While most of us aren’t used to making the “tl” sound at the beginning of the word, it’ll roll off your tongue quite easily. See what I did there? If you can pronounce the contraction of “it will,” then you can say Tlaxcala. Try it: tlas – KAH – lah.

More to the point: SkyDeck™ made its debut in Mexico at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). The grid, just over 1,500 square feet, is housed in the beautiful Centro de las Artes’ black box theatre. The unique venue hosts a variety of programs and projects which promote the development of the arts and offers cultural events for locals to enjoy.

SkyDeck tension wire grid with hangers visible.


Although InterAmerica Stage, Inc. built and supplied UNAM’s grid panels, installation was completed by Chemtrol, a multinational Spanish company with offices in several countries including Mexico, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Poland, Portugal, and Morocco. Juan García Barrero, Director, CHEMTROL MÉXICO, said, “It’s a new solution that we are introducing in our projects here in Mexico, especially in the black boxes. I’m also very sure that is the best in the country.”

Bienvenidos a México!

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