Greenwin Theatre

Performing Arts

Location: Carmel, IN

Completed Date: October 2010

Project Type: New Construction

Application: Full Coverage

Architect: Pedcor

Consultant: Artec Consultants Inc

Construction Manager: MacDougall Pierce

Started in 2011, The Studio Theatre at the Center for Performing Arts is one in a set of three that compose the full Center as a place of community engagement.  Its exterior is designed to be reminiscent of classical style, but its interior hosts a large range of modern technology. 

The Studio Theatre needed a system which would allow for versatility.  Dedicated to creating a space ideal for local theatre, dance, and music organizations in addition to hosting other national and international performances.  As such, they wanted to use a Black Box Theater with the ability to easily change configurations between cabaret, proscenium, round, and thrust. 

Knowing that anything from seats to stage props may slow down and even prevent modifying lighting once a setup was created, IAS tage installed a SkyDeck™ system in the space.  The SkyDeck™ covers the majority of the room about 21’ above, allowing any part of the space to be engaged in performance.  In addition, by keeping the lighting technicians up away from the stage area, lighting could be changed at a moment’s notice, rather than trying to coordinate a time between shows and set ups.  Knowing that The Studio Theatre wanted versatility more than anything, even the flooring of the SkyDeck™ can be augmented at points by adding additional pipe and cheeseboroughs to create “battens”.  This has allowed The Studio Theatre greater flexibility in their performance space than ever before.

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