Posted: Friday March 21, 2014

Robin Jaffe_Auburn University
Auburn University’s Telfair Peet Theatre has a new tension wire grid.

It’s a 1,999 square feet SkyDeck 2 with a hinged panel in one corner, which provides access to the grid from below.

We recently spoke with Robin Jaffe, Associate Professor and Faculty Production Manager/Technical Director of the Telfair Peet Theatre about the new grid.

Jaffe said, “We are really excited. I’ve been pushing for this for 22 years! ”

In an effort to keep up with a dynamic theatre industry, Jaffe emphasized the importance of bringing new technology to the department. So what’s special about this particular grid?

“It’s the new generation,” Jaffe said enthusiastically. “Ours was designed with 4 inch gaps between the panels to serve as rigging wells. It’s going to change the way we teach.”

SkyDeck 2 features everything that the original SkyDeck modular tension wire grid system does with the following differences:

The framing members are larger to accommodate a live load of 40lbs psf as opposed to 20lbs psf.

The beefier grid conforms to nearly all building codes for catwalk construction.

The average dead load is 8lbs psf as opposed to 5lbs psf.

Just like SkyDeck, SkyDeck 2 is modular with removable and/or hinged panels available if needed. It can be custom made in a large variety of shapes and sizes. And it’s still the most efficient and cost effective TWG on the market today.

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