Two products, already tried and true, combined to make something even better!

SkyDot™s are RGB light emitting diodes (LED) housed in aluminum “pucks” and attached to the intersections of the woven wire surface of a SkyDeck™ tension wire grid. If you think of an arena ceiling as a giant flat screen TV, the SkyDot™ X-LEDs are the pixels. The more dots you have and the closer together they are, the higher the resolution. Each dot is individually assigned and controlled, producing over 16 million colors and facilitating practically endless lighting possibilities and powerful visual content.

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For today's audiences...

…it’s all about the experience. They want comfy seats; surround sound; sharp lighting and dynamic projections; thousands of fans standing shoulder-to-shoulder, sharing the memory of a lifetime. Atmosphere is everything. With SkyDots™ X-LED technology, any venue can deliver a truly immersive and unforgettable entertainment experience.

Get creative with SkyDots

All the benefits of SkyDeck™ - Safety... Access...

...and EVEN MORE Creative Flexibility.

Converts your SkyDeck™ grid into its own light show

Each X-LED puck is individually assigned, putting 16 million colors onto your designer's palette.

X-LED pucks are build to withstand the rigor of riggers.

Like SkyDeck™, SkyDots™ are designed with foot traffic in mind and do not create a trip hazard.

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SkyDeck tension wire grid at Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, MI