Clean Walking Surface

Tripping and falling are of particular significance to anyone who works overhead. SkyDeck™ tension grid was designed to effectively eliminate that risk. It is physically impossible to fall through a SkyDeck™.

  • The difference in height between the woven wire walking surface and the steel framing never exceeds 3/16″, practically eliminating trip hazards. Overhead crews can work confidently on a near-flush walking surface.
  • There are no exposed bolts or sharp edges on a SkyDeck™ grid system, minimizing wear and tear on cables and even further mitigating trip hazards.

Nifty Fact: Even though you cannot fall through a SkyDeck™, they’re virtually transparent. There is no discernible loss of focus, signal, or energy when you direct light or sound through the woven surface.

  Watch This Video Highlighting SkyDeck™ features


I was down at the Forum…for the Eagles load in which marks the first time the renovated building has been rigged and has riggers in the roof. The installation is first class.

The rigging is safe, fast, and easy. The local riggers gave it a thumbs-up, too. 

— Ed Kish, Owner, Kish Rigging, Inc.



Lightweight & High Strength

SkyDeck™’s hybrid steel structural framing is engineered for very low weight-to-strength ratio. Its patented design makes it lighter than traditional tension grid systems, meaning less support steel and less cost overall. With a maximum point load of 300lbs and a live load of 20 psf, SkyDeck™ can support all the speakers, lighting instruments, and rigging equipment you need while serving as an interstitial floor for access.

  • Member sizes interact to form a lightweight, high strength framework.
  • Framing has a slim 2″ profile that is strong and aesthetically pleasing.

Nifty Fact: Need something stronger? We also offer catwalk-rated SkyDeck™ II with a point load of 300lbs and a live load of 40 psf.

  Watch this Deflection Test as 16 full-grown men step up onto a grid panel at Kish Rigging’s shop out in California.


Our SkyDeck™ is another great feature and is unique for television. With SportsCenter being live for about 18 hours a day,

we have the ability to go up to the SkyDeck™ and change lights without affecting the production below.

— Aaron Coleman, Senior Coordinating Director, ESPN Digital Center


Easily Configurable

Because SkyDeck™ tension grid is modular, it is easily configurable. These grids are designed for use in any area where unimpeded light, sound, or air flow is desired. There is no discernable loss of signal.

  • Grid panels are custom manufactured to accommodate any building’s shape. Multiple sizes, shapes, and colors are available.
  • Individual panels can be removed or placed at varying elevations to suit your venue. Allows for more lighting positions & angles.
  • Hinged panels with gas assisted openers are available.

Nifty Fact: Panels are pre-built in our Central Florida shop before shipment, so the footprint for on-site storage is minimal, giving construction and installation teams more room to work. SkyDeck™’s modular panels means you can switch out individual panels rather than needing to replace the entire grid.

Decagonal SkyDeck at St. Edwards University.

The entire IAS team has been wonderful to work with from the pre-construction phase through installation and the detailed training Mark Black provided.  IAS is a very professional organization with great knowledge and expertise in this unique building component.  Everyone from Olympia Entertainment to the riggers are excited about the tension grid, but the fans are going to see it in a different and unique way.  Over 1,600 LED lights will be shining across the SkyDeck simulating a ceiling and creating a multi-colored light show enhancing the total fan experience at sporting events and concerts. 

Everyone will benefit from the SkyDeck! 


— Mike Shefka, Sr. Project Manager, BMHW, Little Caesars Arena Detroit


Rapid Installation

SkyDeck™ components are pre-fabricated in our Central Florida facility and shipped to site ready for installation.

  • No “runner” or sub-frame construction is required. Suspension hangers are available for all types of overhead structures. The grid panels connect to hangers and installation is complete.
  • No guesswork on how many or what type of panels to order. Our team of skilled drafters customize each SkyDeck™ tension grid system to fit your exact needs.
  • Once your grid has arrived, no on-site weaving or tensioning is required. Practically plug and play!

Nifty Fact: We’d be happy to take care of the installation for you. If you prefer do it yourself, we can send a specialized member of staff to help coordinate installation.


The quickest, most efficient, and probably safest rig of the tour. [It facilitates] better teamwork because you’re able to get a couple of guys working together in a larger area… In a perfect world, we’d all have a cape that would make us fly to do the rigging but in the real world, the next best thing is the SkyDeck™.

— Bill Rengstl, Head Rigger, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Beyoncé


Self-Preserving Design

SkyDeck™’s unique design maximizes cable life and strength. Wires are guided and supported within the low-profile frame so only horizontal force is ever applied to the end fittings, mitigating wear and tear on the cables and eliminating the need for re-tensioning throughout the life of the grid.

  • Every termination seat is is machined so cables aren’t exposed to sharp edges, ensuring no bent or broken wires.
  • End fittings are not exposed on the walking surface, unlike the standard threaded studs found on other tension wire grids, which can get stepped on, leading to bending and breaking of wire.
  • Each panel has its own wire system, which keeps the wires as tensioned properly at all times.  This extends the wire durability. On the off chance that you do need to make a repair, only one panel is affected, not the entire grid.

Useful Tip: Cables are easily repaired in situ with a hand-held swaging tool.

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