GridPlug™ is a protective sleeve that securely plugs into any standard 2×2 wire mesh. Designed to protect power cords, lifting lines, ropes, and cables from damage while also protecting your grid from wear and tear. GridPlug™ can be spread to swallow a line, chain, or cord already installed through the tension wire grid. Can be permanently or temporarily installed.

  • 4-7/8” x 4-7/8” x 1”physical dimensions
  • Material: Polyurethane (Shore Hardness – 95A)
  • Color: Black (Custom Colors Available)

Download a brochure for future reference: 2020_SD_GridPlug_Flyer




SkyDeck™ is already the leading solution for harness-free fall protection. Adding EdgePro™ makes a rigger’s life even easier! EdgePro is a formed steel guard designed to completely encase the grid panel’s edge, protecting SkyDeck’s wire rope end-fittings along with rigging slings and hardware from potential damage. EdgePro™ fits snugly to SkyDeck™’s panel edge, maintaining a low profile for a flush and safe walking surface and is finished in high-visibility safety yellow to further mitigate trip hazards.

This accessory is a must for those spaces that utilize grid wells to rig through the grid.


SkyDeck shown with 4″ grid wells along the long sides of the rectangular grid panels.
Yellow EdgePro has a smooth powder-coated finish to help mitigate snags and regular
wear and tear as you pull cable, rope, chain, and slings through the grid.