Everyman Palace Theatre

HistoricPerforming Arts

Location: Cork, Ireland

Completed Date: August 2008

Project Type: Historic Renovation

Application: Catwalk Alternative

As part of the National Development Plan 2007 – 2013 “Transforming Ireland,” the Everyman Palace Theatre closed its doors between August 3rd through September 15th of 2008 to make improvements to the technical equipment and to install new seating to enhance the audience’s experience.

The Everyman Palace Theatre, then known as the Cork Palace of Varieties, reflects its Victorian style in its interior with the impressive ornate proscenium arch, boxes and balcony, along with the ceiling which is composed of decorative plasterwork. In 2003, the 111 year old Victorian building underwent restoration to revamp these to their former glory.

As part of the refurbishment of 2008, IAstage’s partner, Hallstage, provided a SkyDeck™ tension wire grid system as a lighting bridge. Five 1m x 2 1/2m panels make up the bridge that allows access to the front of house lighting. Unlike a standard SkyDeck, these panels are attached to a supporting framework that allows the panels to be removed as necessary.

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