Greenwin Theatre

Performing Arts

Location: Greenwin Theatre

Completed Date: February, 2015

Project Type: New Construction

Application: Front of House

Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects

Consultant: Theatre Consultants Collaborative

Construction Manager: Gilliam Group, Inc.

The Toronto Center for the Arts (TCA) has been a community staple since 1993. Priding itself on diversity as in depth as Toronto itself, the TCA hosts three currently running theaters with a fourth in the process of being built. The three facilities allow for a wide range of productions in differing production spaces.

The Greenwin Theatre is unusual in the terms that it was built within a preexisting stage tower. The old proscenium was walled off creating a division for two theatre spaces. The new space (stage tower area) incorporates aspects of its predecessor in its design, such as the showcase of the Main Stage Theatre’s former fly ropes as an architectural feature. In addition, the fly loft channel grid for the rigging system has been left intact. Thus, rigging points can be dropped from the walking grid adding additional functionality to this space. The Greenwin Theatre has been designed to showcase community and non-for-profit groups in their present work. It is ideal for mid-sized productions with 299 seats. The space uses a large, professional stage in a black box theater setting, perfect for man theatrical productions, as well as for dance, music or comedy shows.

IAStage, Inc. created a SkyDeck™ tension wire grid for the Greenwin Theatre which covered the entire stage area and extended partially over the front of house. SkyDeck™ allows easy access for workers to change out lighting and switch over to a new stage setup. This minimizes downtime for TCA as set pieces could be erected or dismantled at the same time as lighting work overhead occurs. Because SkyDeck is safe to work on it increases less professional options, as more community and non-for-profit groups are able to showcase their work.

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