Walcott Warner Theatre

EducationPerforming Arts

Location: Cave Hill, Barbados, VI

Completed Date: December 2006

Project Type: Renovation

Application: Full Coverage

Construction Manager: Was Field Tech

The Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination (EBCCI) is located at the Cave Hill Campus for the University of the West Indies, and provides creative academic training in the arts, primarily in dance, film and theatre and a minor in music. The Walcott Warner Theatre houses a state of the arts black box theatre and Cinémathèque of the Errol Barrow Centre. The Walcott Warner Theatre is a 250 to 300 seat multi-purpose theatre that can be configured to fit any event, whether it be for a conference, a lecture, or a production in a semi-round, three quarter thrust style.

The SkyDeck™ tension wire grid system was added to the building for safer access for students and staff. This full coverage grid is made up of 48 panels and takes up an area of  just over 3000 square feet. Extending from wall to wall, the addition of the SkyDeck increases the use of the overhead space to enhance performances with better lighting options.

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