Broadcast and Production Studio Spaces

Performing ArtsStudios

Location: Various Studios

Application: Access / Maintenance Platform / Catwalk Alternative / Full Coverage

Skydeck™ is an ideal fit for all studio spaces.  Already in use at major film, television, and broadcast studios, its full coverage allows overhead work to continue without disrupting work flow below. Lighting and rigging points are set through the wire mesh without casting shadows.

Broadcast studios and sound stages are clearly shifting toward having full coverage and safe access to overhead lighting.  Safety Managers for cable and broadcast companies have already taken notice and insist that SkyDeck™ grids be used in all new studio designs.

In addition to full coverage SkyDeck grid systems, there is growing interest in replacing traditional green-beds with SkyDeck riggable truss modules.

Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, specifics for studio projects cannot be displayed.

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