SkyDot LogoInterAmerica Stage, Inc. and CarlStahl® Architektur have combined two successful products – IAStage’s SkyDeck™ and CarlStahl®’s X-LED light module system - to create SkyDots™.

Two products, already tried and true, combined to make something even better!

For today’s spectators, it’s all about the experience: comfy seats; surround sound; sharp lighting and dynamic projections; thousands of fellow fans standing shoulder-to-shoulder, each lost in, yet sharing a memory of a lifetime together. Atmosphere is everything. SkyDot™ X-LED technology lets any venue deliver a truly immersive entertainment experience.

Mark T. Black, president of IAStage says, “Every year since SkyDeck™ was first manufactured, we have come up with improvements and useful accessories. The SkyDot™ X-LED system and its innovative mounting hardware is the latest.” Black added, “SkyDeck™ panels will get outfitted with the X-LEDs in our factory, ready to plug and play.”

Applying SkyDot™ X-LED system directly to the tension wire grid turns the face of the grid into an architectural feature. Think of an arena ceiling as a giant flat screen TV with SkyDot™ X-LED pixels. The more dots you have and the closer together they are, the higher the resolution. Each individually controlled and assigned can produce 16.5 million colors, facilitating practically endless lighting possibilities and powerful visual content.

SkyDeck™ was designed to safely solve the hazards of reaching difficult to access areas overhead. A key feature is the slim 2” profile, a smooth design that mitigates trip hazards. SkyDot™ X-LED pucks are designed with foot traffic in mind. Black quips, “Both products are made to withstand the rigor of riggers.”

Both companies are very excited about the new product’s potential in the sports and entertainment industries. Anyone interested in a demo should consider attending AIA 2017 in Orlando, April 27 – 29. Guided demos will be featured in Booth #1313.