The SkyDeck™ tension wire grid system has been installed at the new MEDITECH office building at Foxborough, MA. MEDITECH, short for Medical Information Technology, Inc., develops and provides informational software to the medical community worldwide.

The auditorium needed a solution to access the over head lighting equipment and Skydeck™ was the perfect fit. Due to the modular design of each SkyDeck™ panel, it was feasible to create custom panels to fit around the existing four columns.

"This was one of the most challenging SkyDeck builds to date" says Mark Black principal with IAS. "It was a pleasure working with Matthew Zelkowitz and Mee Kim on this rather unique project".

"Matthew Zelkowitz of Available Light certainly showed his talent for integrating theatrical technique with architectural lighting design on this one" says Black.

Mee Kim of Payette Architects did an incredible job of managing and coordinating all the details. She really made the SkyDeck fit-up a complete success. If you take a look at these photos you will see large cylindrical columns penetrating the grid, hangers within fraction of inches of mechanical systems, odd shape panels, hinged panels….A very different WTG to be sure.
Meditech Construction Tour by Payette
Meditech before SkyDeck was installed

SkyDeck tension wire grid at Meditech

SkyDeck installed at Meditech

SkyDeck tension wire grid installed at Meditech

SkyDeck tension wire grid at Meditech