Reykjavik, June 29, 2009 - Mark Black, President of InterAmerica Stage, Inc. headed to Iceland SkyDeck Wire Tension Grid at Icelandic National Concert and Conference Centerto perform a site survey for the new Icelandic National Concert and Convention Center's East Harbor Project. InterAmerica Stage, will be providing a SkyDeck™ tension wire grid (TWG) over the Center's large Rehearsal Hall. Grid hangers will be shipped to the field in mid July with SkyDeck modular wire grid panels following in September.

Gudni Thor Gunnarsson, Project Manager with IPC (Iceland Prime Contractor) gave Mark Black a tour of the jobsite. "There is no doubt IPC holds a high level of quality standards and workmanship" says Black, "this is particularly evident in the concrete work - when the facility is complete it will be a spectacular building." Presently, the roof on the concert hall is not completed, but the rest of the building is substantially "dried in". The building is expected to open in early 2011.

The project creates a major complex in the heart of Reykjavík right on the water. Part of the old mooring stone-work of the original East Harbor has been preserved. The high profile buildings will make a telling contribution to the city's skyline, and will serve as an icon symbolizing both Reykjavík and Iceland. Future generations will see this new facility much as one today sees the Sydney Opera house.

The complex will provide for a Concert Hall, Conference Centre and Hotel, additionally offices, retail and dining spaces will be integral parts of the overall scheme.

Seafood from Iceland

This was Black's first trip to Iceland and he says "it was surprisingly easy to get there. Here in the US most of us think Iceland is remote and very far away. In reality it is under 4 hours from NY or Boston. The people were warm, healthy and very friendly and the seafood was out of this world."